120 Useful Websites For Your Business and Marketing — 2020 Edition

  1. Find a name for your business:

2. Are you searching for a content idea? Look at your competitors’ ads! Search for topics and keywords! Also, it is a great way to search for your competitors’ strategies. You can use these websites for searching e-commerce products too. How useful!

3. To write more efficient contents:

4. Do you want to write an e-mail but don’t know how to do? Learn from examples! Also, there are other templates:

5. Do you spend time getting approval for your social media posts? Do not waste your time and organize your social media calendar:

6. Stalk social media accounts with one click:

7. LinkedIn Lead Generation:

8. Market and Competitor Search:

9. Create your campaign URL easily:

10. Stalk your competitors (Obviously, you can use them for your websites too) :

11. Other multifunctional marketing tools you have to try :

12. Learn more about marketing spending (Only for UK and US):

13. Track your data:

14. Automate workflows:

15. Find data for your work:

16. Learn who talks about what. You need people’s insights. Sometimes, gossips. Because it is necessary to learn for marketing and business issues.

17. Discover scientific knowledge:

18. Create animated ads:

19. Get insights from your customers:

20. Find freelance teammates for your work / find a freelance job:

21. E-marketing:

22. Business document templates:

23. Tag Testing Platform:

24. Find out what technology websites are using:

25. Automate Facebook ads:

26. Link management:

27. Extract LinkedIn profiles, comments & names of everyone who commented on a LinkedIn post:

28. Search for the best apps for your business:

29. Check your username is available or not at popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking website:

30. Deals Platforms:

31. Collect photo reviews from your customers (For Shopify):

32. English writing assistant:

33. Make your persona online:

34. Invoice template generator:

35. E-mail signature generator:

36. Free stock photos:

37. Make videos online:

38. Free graphic resources:

39. Create infographics:

40. Make your logo:

41. Online PS:

42. Find all emojis for different platform:

43. Remove image background:

44. Analyze your website’s speed:

45. Convert your documents:

46. YouTube mp3 converter:

47. Password manager:

48. Save your content to read later:

49. Time tracking for your work:

50. Find people’s e-mails:

Update: For part 2, click here.

Some websites fit multiple categories, yes I am aware! However, I tried to place them in the titles they related to.

Thank you.

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