200 Useful Websites For Your Business and Marketing — 2020 Edition

Gamze Aluç
2 min readOct 28, 2020

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1. Do you see the same templates in social media posts, again and again? Are you tired of paying too much money for daily-social media posts’ design? Are you looking for something new?

2. As a freelancer, do you need an invoice for your customers? No problem. Check these websites:

3. Communicate and work together with your team:

4. Receive international payments:

5. Content portfolio websites:

6. Invest startups online:

7. Online banner maker:

8. Find out fake comments and bad sellers:

9. Online paraphrasing:

10. Validate your business ideas:

11. Automatically take notes while using Google Meet:

12. Create online pitches:

13. Time management tools:

14. Brain storming:

15. Move your playlists to another platform:

16. 150+ directories to submit your new startup:

17. Remove video background: