A Little Review About Why “The Social Dilemma” Is Important

Last night, I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. I was waiting for this all the time, and I can say that it was one of the perfect content I have ever seen!

About Documentary

It talks about how social networking disrupted our past, our today, and our future.

Why is this important?

This is an unusual production because you can see former employees from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other big tech companies that rule the world. They invented and developed many features and services for big companies, but you know what? They do not want to use it. They do not want to see people are using it. They do not let their kids use it.

What is the problem?

The problem includes many dilemmas for companies and users.

“Ethics or money?”

“Future or money?”

“Health or money?”

“… or money?”



“If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.”

Probably you heard that sentence before, and I need to tell you that it is entirely correct. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Google, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and many more. How much money do you pay for them? Are you paying for them? How they earn money? What is their business model?

Their business model is keeping us on the screen. “our attention” is the product, and it is selling to the advertiser. As a user, you are for sale.

Do your best friends know about your dreams? Can your family tell you miss your previous job or your ex? Your “social” network knows. When you sleep, what you buy, what you like, what you do not like, where you go, who you want to be with… Every information is essential; that is how they get to know you more and more. In the end, you are just data, and your behavior model is only for sale. That makes money.

For companies, three points are important. Engagement, growth and advertising. Manipulation is at the root of our generation.

Have you ever realized that you cannot focus more? Are there times you do not want to watch long videos or reading books? Our patience level is getting a decrease also. We are used to being distracted by notifications; that is why we cannot focus.

People are getting bullied by social media, especially teenagers. Suicide rates are increasing; when users look at the shining moments other users share on the social networks, they think their life is miserable. Cyberbullying affects teenagers’ life, and they want to have plastic surgery. Even plastic surgeons invented a name for this. Those kids want to look “cute” like they used Snapchat filter in real life. They do not like their face and their body.

Why would I care about my data?

You can say, “yes, my data can be used by companies, I do not care about it.” But the truth is, your data does not affect only you. It affects millions of people in the world. This data is not a file on social media companies’ backgrounds. This data rule the world, play with truths, and causes wars. Did you know that fake news is spreading fast? Six times faster, more than the true ones!

What will happen next?

I cannot say that “delete all your social network accounts now!” but please do it just now. Do you think your life is only for looking at the screen? How many times do you spend your time on social media accounts? Check it now. Also, please tell me how many times you spend your time with your family or friends?

Life is worth living. It is your life. Do not be sold, do not be directed by someone for money. Search about truths, do not believe everything you see. As a digital marketer, I hate spending time on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and I stopped using them in my personal life.

It is your time; it is your choice. Use it wisely and free.

I will not talk about every detail, because I want you to watch this documentary. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Thank you.

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