Culturing at The Home Quarantine

Gamze Aluç
4 min readMar 27, 2020
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In those days, when we had to spend most of our time at home, we discovered enough practices and methods of working from home. But I realized that many of us were not aware that we have more options than reading books and watching movies after work, at least that was my observation. Therefore, I prepared the list below. We need to relax and be together recently. If you think that a single suggestion will work for you, I have achieved my goal. :)

  1. Let’s start with the classic methods if you want to read a book and cannot choose:

Goodreads Suggestions

My Suggestions

If you search for a social network that will envelop you during your reading a book adventure: Goodreads

Goodreads, which I occasionally use but now try to use regularly, can encourage you to read books.

Note: It is up to you whether or not to buy something with cargo, but my advice is to get an e-book. If you like this method, maybe you can get an e-reader after the quarantine is over. E-reader recommendation: Kobo

2. Content that can be watched:

IMDB Top 1000

My Suggestions:




TED and TEDx Talks:

Podcast Suggestions:

4. With online lessons, you can add new skills to your CV and get information on what you wonder about but think you can’t spare enough time. The platforms I recommend: Udemy, edx, LinkedIn Learning (paid), Coursera.

Also, if you want to take a free course from Ivy League Schools, click here.

5. Benedikt Lehnert has prepared a guide for remote work. You can also add this guide to your reading list.

6. Clean your home. Now that you are spending more time at home, who knows how dirty the place you have? :) During this cleaning, you can try new folding methods, also discover Minimalism.

7. Do a puzzle. Test your patience.

8. Try doing social media detox. Especially recently, we have been exposed to so much information pollution that stresses us increased more. Trust me, without social media; life does not miss anything.

9. Try karaoke.

10. It is also an efficient way to get rid of routines and try new apps. If you want to change your music app, my suggestion is Tidal. I was using Spotify before, but after switching to Tidal, I can say that I am happier. In particular, it amazes me that the music it recommends is so correct for my taste. You can quickly transfer all the music from your old platform.

Bershka went into a partnership with TIDAL and offered its Standard Tidal Membership (they have another membership with higher quality) for three months free of charge. You can register by clicking here. “Keep dancing, but #STAYHOME” says Bershka. Herewith, you can try the application for free.

11. TÜBİTAK and The Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology; opened some science publishments free. It includes Bilim Teknik, Bilim Çocuk, Meraklı Minik, and Bilim Genç. Click for these science magazines that appeal to readers of all ages and all levels. (Only Turkish)

12. With the Google Chrome plugin called Netflix Party, you can chat with your friends by watching Netflix at the same time.

13. Have you tried meditation? My suggestion is Meditopia.

14. There are also online platforms that we can clean. As our data size grows and the number of files increases, finding what we are looking for and finding a storage area for new files can be challenging. For this reason, organizing the data on your computer, cleaning old bookmarks in your browser, deleting old messages in your messaging applications can also keep you busy.

But whatever you do, remember that you can do it all together. Watch together, talk, and discuss together, spread your love together. Distances do not prevent this. It is possible to share them all online and at the same time. Call your loved ones, spend time with them. Note that the situation we are in is temporary. It just requires precaution and a little patience.

Stay with love! :)

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