War Between The Three Music Platforms: Tidal, Spotify, and YouTube Music

Gamze Aluç
4 min readOct 6, 2020

First of all, I would like to say that I used all of these music platforms, and still, I am not happy with my decision. All opinions depend on my observation, so you do not have to decide through them. At the end of the blog, you can see my grade for them.

For four years, I used Spotify. Then, I left. Because:

  • They changed the user interface, and it was not useful for me. I had a routine, and they broke it many times. (5/10)
  • Their music quality was not enough for me. (6/10)
  • They do not use machine learning, and it is obvious. They did not understand what I listen to in the mornings, what is my favorite music etc. Also, their music recommendations are not okay for me. (2/10)
  • They think I got my membership two years ago. (1/10) (I gave 1 point because at least they knew I was a member.)
  • When I searched for albums, I saw different playlists created by users, and they were not what I was looking for. For instance, you want to listen to your favorite movie’s soundtrack album, and when you type its name, you would see many lists from other users, and most of the time, they are all wrong. (2/10)
  • Their feature lets you share music on Instagram stories. It is a plus. (8/10)
  • Customer service is not fast. It can be because they have more members. Who knows? (4/10)
  • They created a playlist for everything. Seriously for everything! Enough. When people have many choices, they spend more time choosing, and it makes stress. It is a scientific fact. Fewer options, less time, more happiness. (2/10)
  • Their desktop app is smooth and working well. Also, you can use copy and paste commands. Mobil app is good. (9/10)
  • You can search for a song on your favorite music list. (10/10)
  • You cannot visit all the artists’ profile of the song. (1/10)
  • They have at least 2 bugs I can find.

I signed up for Tidal. Better experience! Because:

  • The user interface is better than Spotify. You can easily see what you want…