Why Minimalism is a Better Way of Life

Gamze Aluç
3 min readAug 26, 2018

This writing is translated from the Turkish version of my work. If you want to read it, please click here.

Recently, I have been hearing about “minimalism” from other people. Do we know what it is in real terms?

I met minimalism about two years ago. It is the way of thinking related to “less staff, more control, and peace.” Japanese people apply this motto in every sphere of their lives.

When you keep away from buying lots of stuff to leave more space for your life, you do not have to get new items until your products' availability will be gone.

In the beginning, it was hard to apply minimalism in my life. Unfortunately, I still cannot say that I am applying minimalism in every aspect of my life, but I am happy. If you adopt a minimalist lifestyle, you can have some advantages in other areas of life. For example, you do not have to clean your living area because you do not have lots of stuff. Additionally, you will not go shopping very often because you are already aware that you do not need it. As a result, you won’t have difficulties choosing items for use in your life.

Reduce and organize your wardrobe. Do you have five coats? Do you think that you need to categorize them to wear at work and wear in deathly cold weather and seasonal change? Or you find the color is beautiful? Does it make sense for you to spend your money on these and/or set a place for all of these at home? Actually, you can use just one coat in your life. It’s not difficult to buy both a handy and stylish coat. At the beginning of a minimalist lifestyle — of course — it is not possible to reduce your stuff directly to only 1. So, you can reduce the number.

When you go shopping, you can get more comfortable with the idea of “what do I need” instead of saying, “what can I buy?”.

Let’s talk about cosmetic products. Seriously, do you need 5 or 6 types of moisturizing cream? Do you really need to buy dozens of nail polishes? Depending on where you go or what your mood is, using different perfumes will really make a difference in your life? Does it really satisfy you to get the same fashion but different color suit because you like it so much? What about shoes and bags? Do you really have to buy shoes separately to fit every bag? Definitely…